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Ayor Frisbee 2

Frisbee 2 by Ayor

price: £19.75
studio: Ayor
type: Twink DVDs

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Frisbee 2 by Ayor - In the warm days of the year, it’s time to spend time in nature and engage in recreational activities and the young lads in Frisbee 2 do just that. These guys find a deserted place and play a bit of Frisbee, but after their burst of energy, they can still muster enough strength to indulge in some boy/boy fucking. In the first scene, two cute twinks rump each other on a rock in the mountains. They fuck standing up in interesting poses uttering guttural moans before shooting their loads. The next two are on a deserted beach and frolic in the sand. They suck each other and then masturbate until a fountain of spunk explodes from their cocks. Frisbee 2 is full of young twink cuties who just wanna spit-lube and rim tight butts, blow cock and fuck a pal’s tight hole - all after a game of Frisbee of course!

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