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staxus SAUVAGE World Cup Wankers

  • staxus SAUVAGE World Cup Wankers

The sporting event of the summer arrives in a blaze of glory – and no, we’re not talking about what’s happened in Brazil these past few weeks! Yuri Adamov, Shane Hirch, Sven Laarson and Johny Cruz lead from the front for a full ninety minutes of prime-time sporting fornication that’ll have you reaching for the tissues long before the final whistle! No need for the excitement of penalties with these boys. Instead, sit back, unzip and get your balls get drained time and time again by the hottest festival of football imaginable!

staxus SAUVAGE World Cup Wankers DVD:

  • Studio: staxus SAUVAGE .
  • Format: DVD, PAL, No Cover.
  • Availible for Download.
  • Language: Czech.
  • Country: Czech Republic.